Bring Your Vision for Home to Life with Custom Curtains

You have probably had the vision of your dream home for as long as you can remember. It is the home that you’ve always wanted because it has everything that you’ve imagined. Once you have your dream home you can decorate it to your desire and custom curtains is a great way to add to the style of your home.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom curtains because you can, essentially, design it according to your specifications. If you have a modern home where the overall look is glamorous and stylish then you can design your curtains around that theme. Depending on each room you can create a sophisticated appearance with gold curtains draped fluidly around the windows. Draping the curtains at the top as well and allowing it to flow downward will give it a detailed balance will enhance the elegant style. You can finish off the look with gold trimmed tie backs which can hold the curtains open during the day time. This type of custom curtain designs works well in a living room because it will tie in the chandelier, couches and the designer furniture.

For the bedroom you can also create a sanctuary that is soft and gentle on the eyes. You can opt for a pastel colour material to create the design of the custom curtains in your bedroom. A light pink or cream shade is ideal for the bedroom setting given the walls and the décor complement the colour scheme. The custom curtains can be placed high to create the effect of a high and large window even if the window is not set very high. The height will create the illusion of extra length while the drapery on the sides will frame the window gently. The choice of tieback will also add another décor element that can tie in with the design of the bedroom.

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