At Ebie’s Curtains we also supply a variety of curtain accessories for your newly custom made curtains. For your curtains to hang beautifully and to bring their full display capability to reality enhancing it with the right curtain accessories is the next step.

We supply and install the following curtain accessories:

  • Rails
  • Rods
  • Finials
  • Hold backs
  • 25mm Stainless steel rods

The right set of rails and rods can round off a window really well. The style of rails and rods should complement the design of the curtains and the room overall. Furthermore, to get that glamorous flowing curtain effect you can have hold backs fitted to the sides of the window. These hold backs allow the curtains to be held back in place so that it stays open to give the natural light an opportunity to come into the home but it also plays a decorative role. Because by pulling the curtains back and over the hold backs this allows the curtains to flow gently over the hold back plus the elegant hold backs are on display and appear to form part of the curtain design. This is a beautiful look that enhances the window in an instant.

When you order your custom made curtains from us we can give you recommendations on which curtain accessories will suit and enhance the look of your curtains then you choose from the different options that we have available. So when we are done with the complete curtain manufacturing and installation process, you will have a beautifully adorned window that is complete and ready to use. So step into your creativity with our range of curtain accessories and give your home that modern look that you’ve always wanted.

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